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Jul 18, 2022

#dietyoyo #fitnesspodcast #fitover50 
Have you ever started a fitness routine then stopped? What about a diet? Do you know why? Maybe I can shed some light on for you in this quick video.

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Jul 15, 2022

#fitover50 #fitnesspodcast #everydayworkout Should you workout the same muscles every day? This seems like and easy answer, but I'll surprise you with my answer. I say YES, YOU CAN! Listen to find out what I'm talking about!


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Jul 12, 2022

#fitover50 #fitnesspodcast #howtogetfitfast 
"I'm too old, I can't workout." Have you used this phrase before? If you have or maybe think you're too old, watch this video and let's talk a bit, ok?
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Jul 4, 2022

#FitOver50 #LoseFatGainMuscle #HowToGetFitFast  
Fitness Over 50: Fit After 50: Lose Fat and Gain Muscle is what I talk about in this fitness video podcast. When you do one, you’ll automatically do the other AND you’ll start to develop a nice looking body!   Anyone can do it, if they choose to.  Once you listen,...

Jul 2, 2022  In this podcast, I talk about HOW to think about cutting calories or BURNING calories.  The theory is simple, burn more calories than you take in.  BUT, do you understand HOW your body burns calories?  I give you a bit of theory and understanding on how to burn more calories in this...