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Jun 5, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Sansone! We talked about: how to stay fit while being at the top of his field; how to find ways to workout and exercise while being on the road; how to keep things simple and how to balance personal life with business, health and fitness.

Jon is a motivational speaker,  author,  master class instructor and  host of an international comedy podcast. 

He is in his late 50s and walks consistently 3 miles every day and maintains great health and nutrition. He eats a low fat super food diet. He also makes time for relaxation every day. 

Jon was a great guest and we had a blast with this interview! He not only was a great guest on Top Fitness Strategies, but he is also a top notch businessman. I would highly encourage following him to find out more about his life and business.

Here are all the links he mentioned during the interview: 


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