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Jun 26, 2023 I had the opportunity to interview Ros Place. WoW! Talk about some deep thinking! Ros was incredible! We talked about Health, Meditation, Weight Loss, Guradian Angels, Your Purpose, and a whole lot more! Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts!

Roz Place is a guardian angel channel, bestselling author, wife and mum to two boys. Ros was born channeling angels into a family of muggles and had to navigate life with the angels without the support of her loved ones.

In 2020 Ros lost her family home and the life she had worked so hard to create. She had turned her back on her life purpose and the result was disastrous. 

Breaking through her vulnerability, Tressarn her guardian angel, showed her how she could focus on her life purpose path together in ways that were impossible to do by herself.

The result is her book Channel of Clarity - The Proven Way to Channel Your Guardian Angel and live your true life purpose.

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