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Jul 24, 2023 In this interview with Movement Coach Cheryl Whitelaw, we talked about...movement!  We talked about how beneficial just moving the human body is to a healthier lifestyle! Some of the topics we discussed were: 
The difference between movement and working out; 
What is "Functional Movement", 
What does "wholeness" mean when it comes to movement;
and a whole lot more!

Cheryl is a Move More without regrets coach and CEO of Peace and Power Movement Services. She supports her clients to learn through their movement  through body-based coaching, Vitamin Mindful Movement classes and hands-on work to support functional movement.  

Her clients share a desire to live with vitality, to keep going as they age and often are recovering from operations or injuries, trauma or live with life-changing conditions like MS, cerebral palsy or brain injuries. 

Her special talent is supporting people to find what is possible for them as a practice of moving into wellness and wholeness.  She is committed to supporting people to age well and find their own whole body-mind intelligence.

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