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Jul 31, 2023 I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Yuen, MD, about a practice called "Do-In". 
It's a fascinating interview and we get into all kinds of interesting topics on "Do-In" including: 
What is "Do-In"?
What's the difference between "Do-In" and taichi?
Who can benefit from the practice?
How does "Do-In" improve your overall health?
Plus a whole lot more!

About Greg: At the age of twelve, the death of my grandmother launched me on a quest for the elixir of eternal life.  
Short of finding that perfect elixir, I have integrated my formal Western medical training with my strong interest 
in complementary and alternative medicine to gain expertise in the areas of psychology, relationships, nutrition, 
body work, and taichi.  All of this experience blends to focus on the challenge to totally transform the 
level of health and happiness on the planet.   I am dedicated to my own personal development and to 
sharing my growing insights and creative resources. My focus is on self-health and total health for 
individuals and groups.

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