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Aug 8, 2023 I've titled this interview "Running, Dieting and Illnesses" I interviewed Julianna Coughlin, who is a dietitian and a runner (among other things, see her bio). WoW! What a fun interview! We got into topics such as:
Marathon Training, Kids and Keto Diets, Dietary Needs With Chronic Illnesses, and a whole lot more! Julianna was a wealth of information and some of her dietary tips were fantastic! (especially her tips on how much water you should drink!) Give this podcast a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Julianna's Bio:
Julianna is a podcaster, runner, Harry Potter nerd (she's a Hufflepuff), dietitian, and dog mom. 
Julianna lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her pittie Myrtle. Her two podcasts, Puffcast (Your Harry Potter Happy Place) and Into the Fold (A Gr-eesha-verse Podcast), are independently produced by herself with her two best friends Mel and Geoff. By day, she works as a registered dietitian for the VA. When she’s not walking her dog, podcasting or talking Potter she can be found running. She has run two Boston Marathons and a Chicago Marathon and has her eyes set on the NYC marathon next. She also has a chronic illness called Alkalizing Spondylite-is and is currently on the journey to finding 
her best treatment plan to combat this condition.

Julianna's Links
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Her two podcasts: "Puffcast" and "Into The Fold"

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