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Dec 31, 2021

#FitnessPodcast #FitnessAfter50 #HowToGetMotivated

Here's a podcast on motivation unlike any you've ever heard before, especially designed for the Fit Over 50 crowd. Give it a good listen and see if you understand what I mean about motivation and let me know if you agree with it!



Dec 30, 2021

#FatDogs #FitnessPodcast #TopFitnessStrategies
Fitness Over 50: Fit After 50: Yes, you read that right, Is your dog fat? That reflects a lot about you! Bottom line, if you want to lose belly fat, walk your dog! Listen and find out what I’m talking about! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Remember, what you do...

Dec 23, 2021

#GetInShape #HowToGetInShape #StartWorkingOut
Fitness Over 50: Fit After 50: How to get in Shape you ask? The first thing you have to do is START! I also talk about what you should do after you start, but you’ll have to listen to hear what I’m talking about. Remember, what you do now affects what you will do later!...

Dec 20, 2021

#FitOver50 #NewYearsWorkout #HowToGetInShape Fitness Over 50: Fit After 50: I talk about how you should start your workouts for the New Year. How you should approach it and what kind of diet you should have. You may have never heard my simplistic approach to it, so give this podcast a listen and tell me what you think....

Dec 7, 2021

#FitAfter50 #FitnessPodcast #HealthandFitness

What decisions about your health and fitness are you putting off? Why are you putting those decisions off? For all the Fit Over 50 folks, what made you decide to do what you did at the time you did it? Hmmmmm....