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Apr 30, 2021

#TopFitnessStrategies #DynamicResistance #FitOver50

Here's the audio from a youtube video I did talking about a workout concept call Dynamic Resistance.

I hit the basics here and purposely did not go in depth of what Dynamic Resistance is, just giving you a glimpse into it and how it can benefit your workouts.

Here are...

Apr 26, 2021

#SugarInTheBody #TopFitnessStrategiesPresents #DrJoanKent

This interview was GREAT! Dr. Joan got into specifics about sugar and the affects it has on our bodies. We talked about "good" and "bad" sugar; sugar in natural fruits; and how carbs work in our bodies.

Dr. Joan was brilliant and kept things at a level even I...

Apr 18, 2021

#HealthandFitnessPodcast​ #FitOver50Podcast​ #TopFitnessStrategiesPresents​

Here's the fitness podcast with Scott Gaskins in my "Fitness Over 50" series. Scott completely changed his body while in his mid 50's and WoW! What a transformation!

We talked about his workout routine, his testosterone levels, his...

Apr 13, 2021

TFS Presents had the privilege of interviewing Heike Yates from the "Pursue Your Spark Podcast"! We talked about Diet, Nutrition and Pilates! Heike was wonderful and gave some GREAT advice and tips on being healthier as we age gracefully!

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Pursue Your Spark Podcast:

Apr 7, 2021

#FitAfter50  #HowToBeFitOver50 #FitnessPodcast

We interviewed Laurence, the owner of "Fit and 50" youtube channel. We talked about what it takes to be fit over 50 and how to maintain it.

Top Fitness Strategies:

"Fit and 50" youtube: