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Jan 26, 2022

#TraditionalGym #FitOver50 #FitnessPodcast

We interviewed Vance McDaniels, the owner of True Image Activeware, Personal Trainer and Online Coach.

We talked about Functional Fitness, Nutrition, Bulky Muscles, Traditional Gyms vs Home Gyms, and a whole lot more! 



Jan 18, 2022

#AtHomeGym #HowToWorkout #FitOver50
How often to you hear funny gym stories? Now here's your chance! I go into personal stories from the gym (for entertainment purposes only). You may chuckle or you may roll your eyes. Either way, enjoy!

Booty Call:


Jan 14, 2022

#VideoFitnessPodcast #LoseFatGainMuscle #HowToGetFitFast
In this Video Fitness Podcast, I ask How Long Should Your Workouts Be? How much time should you spend working out? Believe it or not, it's not an easy answer UNLESS you know what your end goal is! If you’re looking to show off on stage, that’s different than...

Jan 10, 2022

#HealthFitnessPodcast #NaturalAlternatives #TopFitnessStrategies

In this episode, I interviewed Tania Wedin from Not The Norm Limited. We talk about Yamoa Powder. If you have any issues with your respiratory system, this is a must listen to podcast! Tania knows her stuff and we had a great time! Check out the show...

Jan 2, 2022

#WhatToSayInTheGym #FitOver50 #NewYearsWorkout

This will make you chuckle. Here are a bunch of things said at the gym which have a completely different meaning during sex! Have fun with it!

102 Health/Fitness Tips: