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Feb 21, 2022

#MillionDollarBody #NatePalmer #FitOver50
Hold on to your hats with this one, Ladies and Gentlemen! I had the privilege of interviewing Nate Palmer from Million Dollar Body and he was awesome! We talked about mindset, fitness and nutrition! Nate's info was fantastic! You need to watch this one!


Feb 18, 2022

#FitOver50 #WorkoutAtHome #BasicExercises

What happens if you don't exercise? Will you be happy with yourself? What about your family? Have you thought of this? I talk about some basic stuff YOU MUST KNOW before you waste your life laying on the couch!


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Feb 15, 2022

#FitnessPodcast #FitnessResults #FitOver50

Do you ever ask, "how long before I see results from my workouts?" In this episode, I talk about results and how long before you see them? Especially after the age of 50! Let me know your thoughts!


Feb 9, 2022

#GymMembership #FitOver50 #AtHomeWorkout

Do you need a gym membership? Why do you need a gym membership? Gym Membership vs At Home Workouts. Which do you prefer? Find out what I have to say about it.


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