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Oct 31, 2022

#FitnessPodcast #FitOver50 #LoseBellyFat Have you ever wanted to just lose some fat around your belly? Maybe you're a bit "fluffy" and want to tightened that mid section. This podcast may give you some info to do so that you may not have known. Let me know your thoughts in the...

Oct 25, 2022

#HealthandFitnessPodcast #FitOver50 #NutritionHacks Sometimes nutrition is just way to complicated and confusing. Why not make it simple? Now, you'll learn three "hacks" to help you lead a healthier lifestyle! Let me know your thoughts!

Fitness 101: Simple Answers To...

Oct 17, 2022

#FitOver50 #AtHomeWorkouts #HealthandFitnessPodcast

Do you know what a workout is supposed to do for you? Believe it or not, workouts are designed to do TWO things for you, regardless of the kind of workout you do. Listen to this and then let me know your thought!

102 Health and Fitness Tips:

Oct 11, 2022

#FitnessPodcast #FitOver50 #FitnessJourney

Have you ever wondered what's the best workout you can do? Well, I lay it out for you as only Top Fitness Strategies can! You may feel I'm out of my mind, but when you listen to what I say, you may find yourself saying, "you know what, this guy has something here!" Let me know...

Oct 4, 2022

#FitOver50 #FitnessJourney #WatchVideoFitness

Watching videos is a pastime many people do. But do you watch them to get fit and healthy? If you do, great! But if all you do is watch and hope, then you may have to do a wee bit more. Listen to this and find out what I'm talking about! 

Fitness Q&A: