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Jul 3, 2023 I interviewed founder of Good Nature Wellness, Barbara Walsh! We had a great time! We talked about all kinds of topics related to wellness and health such as: What is Wellness, How much sugar is too much, Can a person eat too much fruit, and a whole lot more! 

Barbara also talked about how she overcame breast cancer without surgery, radiation or chemo! You HAVE to listen to her story, wow!

Barbara  is an NBC-HWC Board-Certified Master Health Coach who overcame breast cancer naturally with the healing power of food and prayer – no surgery, radiation, or chemo. Now 7 years cancer-free, Barbara helps women fearlessly take control of their health like a boss, and jumpstart a metabolic reset in their bodies to lose belly fat, regain their energy, feel confident when they look in the mirror, and avoid being sidelined by a breast cancer diagnosis.

She is also the host of "The Good Nature Wellness Podcast"

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***Barbara's Free Gift: "5 Things I wish I had known Before Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer"

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