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Jul 11, 2023  I interviewed Mackenzie Holznecht (Coach Mack) and we talk about healthy habits! Some of the topics we covered: Supplements, Cleansing, 10k Steps per day, How She Lost 25lbs and kept it off, Reese's Cups, plus a whole lot more!

Coach Mack is the founding health coach of Running with Bacon (yes, that's actually the name of her business) and she's obsessed with healthy habits! She helps women transform into the fittest and strongest they can be, one small step at a time. 

In addition to being a 'fitness mom' to many, she's got a Belgian Malinois puppy, she can't stop talking about her obsession with Reese’s cups, and if you don't catch her in her garden, odds are good she's catching up on the latest Real Housewives episode.

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