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Jan 30, 2023

#FitOver50 #HealthandFitnessInterview #JasonCriddle I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Criddle! Jason is a Christian Father, Husband, Investor, Endurance Athlete, International Best-Selling Author, and the owner of Smartr Commerce and Smartr Marketing.

His brands and books have helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs increase their revenue by millions of new dollars in recurring income.

After losing his mother to pancreatic cancer in 2021, he went into a deep state of depression, gaining over 50lbs, and losing his sense of self and faith. 

Now, he has come out of retirement to turn Smartr into his own billion-dollar brand, he has lost 70lbs, and he is on a mission to remind people about the metaphysical and psychological aspects of building their brands.

We talked about all kinds of subjects including how family helped him achieved his goals, what does "metaphysical" mean and how it relates to health and fitness,
how mindset relates to your overall health, plus a whole lot more!

Join us as we talk about Jason's story and how it can benefit you!

102 Health Tips:

***Jason Criddle***