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Oct 23, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Howard from "Fit Is Freedom"! We had a blast! (along with some tech issues!) The main point we were TRYing to stay on was CONSISTENCY. Sometimes, we went off on tangents, but it's well worth the listen!

Kelly Howard is the Fitness Consistency Expert with a touch of Adventure and...

Oct 16, 2023 Is being consistent a "must do" to be healthy and fit? If someone is inconsistent, will they still become healthy and fit? I go into a bit of detail on this subject in this podcast and after you hear it, you'll say, "hmmm, Andrew may be on to something here!"  Listen and leave me a...

Oct 3, 2023 In this podcast, I interview Amy Wilson, The Nutrition Coach Pharmacist.  Some of the topics we covered were:
-Muscle and Fat in middle aged women and men. 
-Counting Calories
-Protein, Sugar and Fasting
-Will lifting weights make you bulky?
-plus a whole lot more!
Amy is a Board...