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Feb 27, 2024  In this episode, I talk about burning calories. More specifically, how can you burn more calories? You may have heard this before, but maybe not. The answer may shock you. Let me know your thoughts! 

Fitness 101:

Feb 13, 2024  In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Leo Tonkin from  We had a great time! Some of the topics we covered were: 

-What is “Salt Therapy” and how does a person know if they need it?
-What is a “salt chamber”? (Halo Generator)

Feb 6, 2024 Sometimes people want to hate just to hate. This podcast is all about helping people over 50 years old Look Better, Feel Better, Gain Some Confidence. Some people like my advice, some people don't. I'm asking for help with my advice. You'll understand why after you listen. Let me know...