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Jul 31, 2023 I had the pleasure of interviewing Greg Yuen, MD, about a practice called "Do-In". 
It's a fascinating interview and we get into all kinds of interesting topics on "Do-In" including: 
What is "Do-In"?
What's the difference between "Do-In" and taichi?
Who can benefit from the...

Jul 24, 2023 In this interview with Movement Coach Cheryl Whitelaw, we talked about...movement!  We talked about how beneficial just moving the human body is to a healthier lifestyle! Some of the topics we discussed were: 
The difference between movement and working out; 
What is "Functional...

Jul 18, 2023 Yes, we all know to be healthy, you need to EAT healthy, right? But..can you slack off, so to speak, and still be eating healthy? I'll outline a whole different way to look at the way you consume your meals. Let me know your thoughts!

102 Health Tips:

Jul 11, 2023  I interviewed Mackenzie Holznecht (Coach Mack) and we talk about healthy habits! Some of the topics we covered: Supplements, Cleansing, 10k Steps per day, How She Lost 25lbs and kept it off, Reese's Cups, plus a whole lot more!

Coach Mack is the founding health coach of Running with...

Jul 3, 2023 I interviewed founder of Good Nature Wellness, Barbara Walsh! We had a great time! We talked about all kinds of topics related to wellness and health such as: What is Wellness, How much sugar is too much, Can a person eat too much fruit, and a whole lot more! 

Barbara also talked about...